Cinco De Mayo Week is a holiday event which is themed around the Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo, which is celebrated on the 5th of May of every year (Cinco De Mayo means Fifth of May in spanish).

A special, limited-time Pinata Whistle is available for 1,000 gems in the Growtopia Store during the event. It is a consumable which spawns an Ultra Pinata when used on themselves. During the week, Ultra Pinata events can also occur randomly without needing a whistle.


In 2013 the event began on May 3rd and ran through to the next week.

Items introduced included:

Each of these items was obtained by blowing a Pinata Whistle and smashing the Ultra Pinata.


In 2014, the event began on May 2nd (GT time) and ran through into the week as well.

All previous items were present, and obtainable the same way with the exception of the Fiesta Sombrero, which is now obtained through different means.

The Ultra Pinata gained a new drop:

It should be noted that wearing the new Lucky Pinata Hat while smashing an Ultra Pinata will yield one bonus pinata prize item, deposited directly into your inventory. Bonus prizes can include a handful of new items:

The following items could also be obtained by dropping items then covering it with the Mystery Pinata item: