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Core information
Name Cigar
Rarity 81
Editable Type Equipment (not placeable in world)
Action Equipment
Extra information
Drop Chance 0

Clothing Type Face
Extra information
Recipe Time-Space Rupture Seed + Lava Rock Seed
Grow Time 6d 4h 17m 51s
Seed Style 11/6/3/6
Seed Color
Overlay Color

Surgeon General's Warning: Secondhand smoke can make you go :P.

Rarity: 81

To grow, splice a Time-Space Rupture Seed with a Lava Rock Seed.

This item never drops any seeds.

If used for a certain period of time one will obtain the Stinky Mod.

This item can also be obtained by purchasing the Gangland Style Pack in the Store for 5,000 gems. Other items in this set include:

-Pinstripe Suit


-Flapper Headband

-Pinstripe Pants

-Flapper Dress

-Dame's Fedora


-Art Deco Block