Special Event: Dr. Destructo Attacks! Defeat Dr. Destructo!


Dr. Destructo appears on a special event where players have to punch Dr. Destructo in order to defeat him. Dr. Destructo holds a Dr. Destructo Death 

Ray. Dr. Destructo's gametag is highlighted in red, and it is either AI-controlled or a mod i

s playing in an account as Dr. Destructo, to feature on events. Keep in mind that Dr. Destructo could escape after a short period of time.


When Dr. Destructo get defeated. All players in the world will earn Superhero achievement.

The Fight

@Dr. Destructo can shoot out Public Lava that act as n ormal lava, but anyone can break it. If a player is shot by his Destructo Ray they will be frozen in place for a few seconds. Dr. Destr ucto has health messages that pop up when he is damaged, but it will quickly regenerate to 100% if he is not kept under constant atta ck. You can defeat him by punching him.