This page shows you which items you can farm, and whether it might be risky farming it.

Farming quicktip: To tell if something is farmable or not, the easiest way is to simply grow a few trees of it. Look for trees with 4 copies of the item on them, harvest them, then count how many items fell off. If 4 came off the tree, it is not farmable. 5 is probably farmable though could be risky, 6-7 is very likely to be easily farmable, 8+ is definitely farmable.


  • Farmable: Will increase over time.
  • Very Farmable: Increases dramatically.
  • Not Farmable: Decreases overtime.
  • Gamble: Possibilty of it decreasing or increasing.
  • Plateau: Changes are minimal (difference of 1 or 2)


Amber Glass : Farmable


Barn Block: Very Farmable

Barn Door: Farmable

Black Block: Farmable

Blue Block: Farmable

Bricks: Very Farmable

Brown Block: Farmable

Bubble Wrap: Not Farmable

Blueberry: Gamble

Bush: Not Farmable

Blackrock Wall: Very Farmable


Cave Background: Very Farmable

Crappy Sign: Gamble

Chandelier: Plateau


Daisy: Not Farmable

Death Spikes:Plateau

Dirt: Very Farmable

Door: Gamble/Plateau

Dreamstone Block: Not Farmable

Dungeon Door:Plateau


Evil Bricks: Farmable


Flowery Wallpaper: Farmable


Green Block:Farmable

Glass Pane: Farmable

Glass Block: Not Farmable

Grass: Very Farmable

Grimstone: Farmable


Happy Joy Plaque: Farmable High Tech Block Plateau/Farmable High Tech Wall Plateau/Gamble





Lava: Farmable

Lava Rock: Farmable

Lava Cube: Farmable


Mud Glob: Not Farmable/Plateau

Mushroom: Gamble

Military Radio: Gamble



Obsian Block: Farmable

Orange Block: Farmable



Pointy Sign:Gamble

Porticullis:Not Farmable

Pastel Blocks (Applies to All): Plateau/Farmable

Purple Block: Farmable

Pinball Bumper: Farmable/Gamble



Red Block: Farmable

Red Wood Wall: Gamble

Rock: Farmable

Rock Background: Very Farmable

Rose: Gamble


Sidewalk: Not Farmable

Sign: Farmable

Sugar Cane: Farmable/Very Farmable

Super Crate Box: Plateau

Sheet Music: Blank: Gamble

Steel Block: Farmable


Toilet: Plateau

Torch: Plateau, Gamble



Venus Guytrap: Farmable/Gamble


White Block: Farmable

Wood Block: Farmable

Wooden Background: Very Farmable

Wooden Platform: Farmable

Wooden Table: Not Farmable

Wheat: Farmable



Yellow Block: Farmable