Gems are the sole currency in Growtopia (besides the imaginary currency used when trading items, or the Rarity rating). Gems can be obtained through in-app purchases, completing Tapjoy offers or through common aspects of gameplay, such as breaking blocks and harvesting trees.

The Tapjoy offer wall is accesible through the Growtopia Store. It allows the player to watch videos or install apps to earn free gems for use during gameplay. Tapjoy is currently only available on the iOS and Android versions of the game.

Earning 1000 gems or more through Tapjoy or buying any in-app purchase makes the player a Supporter. Upon becoming a Supporter, the player unlocks the "Recycle" tool. This replaces the "Trash" tool in the player's inventory and allows them to recycle items to earn gems.

Each type of block or tree in Growtopia drops a different amount of gems. This amount is usually influenced by the rarity of the block or item, but some blocks drop an unusually large amount of gems as they have been configured to. A good example of this is the Mystery Block. When one is broken, it can drop between 10-50 gems. Another example is the Pot O' Gold, an extremely rare item distributed during St. Patrick's Week, dropping up to 200 gems when broken. However, the destruction of these items is discouraged due to their high rarity (particularly the latter) and their resulting value when trading.

With a recent update, gems will group together if placed on top of each other. For example, if there are 4 gems and you drop 1 gem on the same space which the other gems are dropped, a blue gem will replace the 5 yellow gems. It's the same with red gems, green gems and purple gems.

Dont waste your hard earned wls on buying a sack o' joy thinking it gives gems upon moving!The gems dropped are YOUR gems.

There are unpickable gems (a.k.a FAKE GEMS) in the world "forces". You will find them once you are at the bottom, just find the correct spot.

If you would break something with a Pickaxe, or Cybernetic arm, Explorer's shovel, or anything that speeds up block breaking, you get less gems, but this isnt confirmed yet.

Gem Value Chart

Yellow Gem = 1 Gem

Blue Gem = 5 Gems

Red Gem = 10 Gems

Green Gem = 50 Gems

Purple Gem = 100 Gems


Farming is the process of harvesting a set amount of trees for a specific item then placing these items. Once you place you break said items for Gems and more seeds and you repeat the process.

You can do this with alot of things, the recommended block for farming mostly is Blackrock Walls , VENUS GUYTRAPS , Gold Blocks, Pinball Bumpers and Chandeliers as they give alot of gems.

However, they are all very hard to get. If you managed to save up a World Lock, buy 200 Sugar Cane instead!