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Night of the comet

At midnight Growtopia /time the comet will land and it will stay for 24 hours. This will happen only ONCE per month.

The message before the event says: Some astronauts are working on something.

It changes all world's weathers to dark green hills wich appear to be at night with a C0M3T in the background moving accordingly to the time.

Comet Dust and Antimatter Dust will spawn under that time in worlds depending on how many people there are (they don't fall from the sky, they just spawn like fireworks. )

S0m3 n3w cl0th35 c0u1d b3 f0und 5uch a5 C05m1c Sk1rt or V310ur 5pac3 Un1f0rm . These items could be spliced with the mysterious star seed or antimatter seed (which you can get by putting 200 comet dusts or 200 antimatter dusts on yourself) . You cannot get these items from Rare Clothes Pack anymore.