Player Appreciation Week is similar to a holiday event in that it lasts one week, and is filled with surprises and festivities.

It began on August 8th, 2014.

"August 8th: Player Appreciation Week! Seven days of festivities and random new stuff suggested by players!

Each day we'll introduce a new feature to the game, and 3 new permanent items. You'll have to find the items yourself."

Day One

Day 1 Features:

Day Two


Day 2 Features:

Day Three

Day 3 Features:

Renderworld Info: "World rendering means we'll make a picture of your ENTIRE world and host it on our server publicly, for anybody to view.

Warning: This picture will also include you and all co-owners on your World Lock. If you'd like to keep that information private, click Cancel!"

Day Four


Day 4 Features:

Day Five


Day 5 Features:

Day Six


Day 6 Features:

Day Seven


Day 7 Features:

Super Mod Dance Party:

Quote from news: Visit the worlds SUPERMODDANCEPARTY1 - SUPERMODDANCEPARTY5 to join our mods in an all-day dance party. All of them will be moving between all the SUPERDANCEPARTY worlds all day, so drop in when you can party!