Special events can happen anywhere, anytime. There has to be at least two person in a world in order for a chance of a special event to occur. There are two ways to activate an event:

  • You may purchase an item (such as the Piñata Whistle) which allows you to activate the piñata bash event anywhere, anytime you please.
  • The server randomly chooses a place to spawn an event at times.

Types of Special Events

  • Beautiful Crystal - You have 30 seconds to find and grab the Crystal Block Seed.
  • Deathmatch Event - Killing people gives you Gems for a limited time.
  • Jackpot Event - Gems are spread throughout the world.
  • Dr. Destructo Event - You need to defeat Dr. Destructo by punching him, before he escapes.
  • Summertime Surprise Event: You have 30 seconds to find and smash the Summer Surprise and grab its Goodies!
  • Spoiler Event - You Will have 30 seconds to find 10 pieces of the Secret Of Growtopia around the world.
  • Doohickey Spawning Event - You have 10 seconds to find and grab Doohickey.
  • Rabid Leprechaun Attack Event - Sudden death for every growtopian in the world containing the event. Leprechaun will run away and you will have to find it. The prizes Will Be Pot O' Gold!
  • Green Beers and Lucky Clovers spawn everywhere. Usually 5 each.
  • Magic Eggs (usually 20) spawn everywhere during Easter.
  • Snowballs event - You have 20 snowballs to collect before its melts!During WinterFest only.
  • Winter Gift event - Gifts are spawned everywhere in a world during WinterFest only.
  • Magic eggs event - Magic eggs will be scattered in a world ( no time ) during Easter Week.
  • Awkward Friendly Unicorn event - You have 20 seconds to find an Awkward Friendly Unicorn before it escapes!
  • Valentine's Week event - You can spawn a few gems everytime you type /love,lasts a few minutes. Spawns in Valentine's Week only!
  • Songpyeon Event - 3 Songpyeons spawn in your world. You have 30 seconds to collect them. Spawns in Harvest Week only!
  • Mooncake Madness - "You have 30 seconds to find all the Mooncakes scattered around!" Occurs during Harvest Festival, with a total of fourty Mooncakes.