2015 Notices

  1. Valentine's Goodies cost 5,000 Gems, up from 1,000
  2. Heartstone will only spawn in worlds that meet the following criteria:
  • The world must have been made before Valentine's Week
  • The world must have a high combined rarity (must have many rare blocks in it)
  • Rocks will only transform once in any given world
  1. 7 new items added


Every year, on the day of Valentine's, there is a special event entitled Valentine's Week.

Throughout the week, many worlds will have rocks transformed into Heartstone Deposits. These stones drop rare Valentine's Day-themed items when broken. As well, the store offers a pack of Valentine's Goodies for 5,000 gems, which gives five Heartstones worth of items, which are the same as if you were to break them yourself.

Items that can be obtained from breaking Heartstone Deposits are as follows:

The following items are made by combining 200 Candy Hearts, a Golden Heart Crystal, and an appropriate clothing item in a Chemical Combiner: