Wood Block

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Core information
Name Wood Block
Rarity 2
Editable Type No special action
Action Foreground layer tile
Extra information
Drop Chance 4

Collision Type Fully solid
Extra information
Recipe Dirt Seed + Lava Seed
Grow Time 1m 8s
Seed Style 2/4/2/4
Seed Color
Overlay Color

The Wood Block is a block with a wood-like appearance. This item has a rarity of 2. This block can be created by splicing Dirt seeds and Lava seeds. This is an ideal block for newbies when it comes to building homes and other buildings.(Farmable)

It looks like a Secret Passage.

How to Obtain It

  • Plant a Wood Block Seed.

Splicing Recipe

  • Dirt Seed + Lava Seed = Wood Block

Game Description:

A solid chunk of Bolivian Manzantia, polished to a mirror sheen. Rarity: 2

To grow, plant a Wood Block Seed. (Or Splice a Dirt seed with a Lava seed)